Seriously baffled.

Whenever I see photos or videos of people doing drugs and/or drinking (especially kids and teens because everything they’re doing is illegal due to them being underage) I get this burning sensation of disgust (for lack of a better word). The fact that 12 year olds no longer go to a friend’s house merely for the enjoyment of that person’s company and instead go to get high and get “fucked up” or go to some flyer party really makes me disheartened. I really do not understand and can not even begin to grasp the reasons as to why people PURPOSELY damage their bodies permanently and know that they will also have to deal with the short-time consequences of their decisions later on for only a very short amount of what they call “fun.”
This has, and probably always will, elude me.
(I apologize if I have offended anyone but this is my standpoint and I’m sticking to it).

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